Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas + giveaway!

Dear readers,

I hope you are all having happy holidays.

On this special holiday I am giving away one pair of handmade stud earrings from my collection Snow is falling, which is also available in my shop. The winner gets to choose: pair A or pair B.

If you would like to take part in this giveaway leave a comment on this post and tell me what were you doing on Christmas evening.

EDIT: You have until 5. January 2011 23:59 GMT to participate. The winner will be known on 2. January 2011. 

To double your chance of winning this cute pair of earrings, post about this giveaway on your blog, and post a link to it in a comment.

Good luck! ;)


  1. torej, božični večer - (pre)poln širše družine in hrane ... lepši je bil božični dan, ko smo doma lenarili, se hecali, počivali in se sploh imeli nadvse ležerno.

  2. I would love to win these (B pair for me)! On christmas evening, I went to my aunt's house for appetizers and then for supper at my grandma's. My aunt bought a gambling wheel with shots to entertain us "kids" (all over 16, don't worry). Just pick a number on the wheel and bet a chip and if your number comes out, you get the shot with your number on it (problem is, there was some nasty stuff in there). Cool aunt, right? I'll bet yours didn't organize drinking games for you! hihi. Then, my grandmother had us for supper and tried to make us gain 10 pounds in an evening (meat pie, ragout, apple pie, chocolate fondue, doughnuts, etc etc). We exchanged gifts and spent the rest of the evening talking and reminiscing. T'was a very merry christmas.

  3. Oh, I love pair A! It has been snowing for weeks in Germany and those would be just perfect for these times! :)
    I spent Christmas Eve with my little family, we had a wonderful dinner prepared by my father and spent the whole evening together with our presents. One reading and the others trying to learn how to knit. Just a cozy and nice being together! :)

  4. Beautiful earrings ! I was at home with my husband and my son Noah who is 19 months old, playing with all of his new toys. When he finally went to sleep we curled up with chocolates, mulled wine and looked through our gifts we recieved from each other... perfect

  5. I hope I win! (first comment above)

  6. The earrings are so beautiful! I agree with Nette, pair A would be just perfect for the snowy winter weather.
    On Christmas Eve we had a nice familiy dinner, with my aunt and uncles coming over to visit. We were having such a good time we almost forgot about opening the presents - well, until the dessert was finished.
    Greetings from another Laura :-)