Monday, 23 April 2012

Tiger T-shirt

The trench coat isn't finished yet. I decided to order a custom-made fabric covered belt buckle and I'll have to wait for it for about a week, so let me just show you the T-shirt I made a while ago.

It's BurdaStyle's Pete pattern with a few modifications. It's stitched with an overlock (which I love!) and topstitched with a twin needle. I was really surprised at how quick it was finished!

To make it special, I printed the tiger silhouette on a piece of self-adhesive foil and cut out the design with an art knife. I stuck the stencil on the T-shirt and painted it with a white textile paint. I would've used freezer paper (instead of the self-adhesive foil) to make the stencil, because it would stick better to the fabric. Unfortunately, they didn't have it in any of the shops I went to.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tikva trench

A little update on the trench coat. A fellow BurdaStyle member said that the pattern runs large and she had to take it in at the side seams. That's why I decided to make it in size 34 instead of 36 as usually. There were a lot of adjustments to the pattern, so I used old bed sheets to make a muslin (does anyone enjoy making muslins??). I had to shorten both bodice and skirt of the coat (as predicted), narrowed the collar and lapels, and made new, full length, fitted sleeves. In the long run, I'm happy I made a muslin, since I shortened the bodice a little too much at first. :) 


Gotta go back tracing pattern markings on the real fabric ... Have a nice Sunday!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Handmade wardrobe: spring 2012

A lot of clothes that I make for myself don't go well together with bought garments. That's either because of the specific colour or due to the style of my handmade pieces. Clothes that I buy are usually more casual than clothes that I make. That's why I decided to make a plan. I won't sew separate garments, I will make outfits. In the next two months and a half I will make (or at least I hope so!) three outfits and a trench coat, which will be the first project in a row. Let's take a look ...

Whew, that's eight garments total and I'll take you through various construction stages of each and every piece. I'll be using bought patterns for three of them and making my own for the rest.

Ready, set, go!