Monday, 23 April 2012

Tiger T-shirt

The trench coat isn't finished yet. I decided to order a custom-made fabric covered belt buckle and I'll have to wait for it for about a week, so let me just show you the T-shirt I made a while ago.

It's BurdaStyle's Pete pattern with a few modifications. It's stitched with an overlock (which I love!) and topstitched with a twin needle. I was really surprised at how quick it was finished!

To make it special, I printed the tiger silhouette on a piece of self-adhesive foil and cut out the design with an art knife. I stuck the stencil on the T-shirt and painted it with a white textile paint. I would've used freezer paper (instead of the self-adhesive foil) to make the stencil, because it would stick better to the fabric. Unfortunately, they didn't have it in any of the shops I went to.


  1. Cist' profi izgleda. Pa zelo lep kroj je, ker vcasih T-shirti izgledajo tako, da bi lahko takoj brisal po tleh z njimi, brez vmesne faze nosenja. :D
    A je to bilo za Mr. My Little Nook? :)

    1. Ja, prav si uganila. :)
      Kroj je kar v redu. Edino malo ga bom morala še popravit, da ne bo več tistih gub pri ramenih. In res, kakšne bolj poceni majice so ponavadi prav čudno posukane.. :)

  2. I just made a tshirt too and I was so surprised how quickly it went together and how nice the twin needle finishes things! I love your tiger stencil - it looks really cool!

  3. thats pretty cool! love it!

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  5. When will you be doing another article on this subject? 

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    1. Amela, I put my blog on hold, so not for some time I guess. But you can follow me on Instagram @laurabolcina where I post regularly.