Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jeans renovation

I haven't worn boot-cut jeans for quite a time, but two pairs were still lying in my closet. I made the first pair into something between skinny and straight cut jeans. Very easy, just sew along the side seam to narrow the trouser leg. The second pair became shorts.

1. Mark desired length and add 4 cm seam allowance. Cut.

2. Fold twice.

3. Topstitch.

4. Put the trousers on and pin the lace to the edge.

5. Unpin the ends from the trousers and pin them together.

6. Stitch them, right sides together.

7. Fold lace seam allowances to one side and pin.

8. While stretching the jeans slightly, stitch the lace on both lower and upper edge with a zig-zag stitch.

9. Finished!


  1. SUPER cute!!!!! I'm so in love with lace these days.

  2. Your fabric stash is awesome! and shorts are great!

  3. @Zanda
    Thanks! :) Anyway, I got most of the fabric from a seamstress that doesn't sew anymore. Most pieces are less than 0.5 m, so the only thing I can use them for are children's clothes and accessories ...

  4. @Zanda
    P.S.: Did you make the bathing suit yet?