Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sewing notions: seam ripper

Seam rippers are like scissors - they get dull after some time of use. Get a new one when that happens.

When you start sewing, you'll have to learn how to rip seams correctly too. There are probably a few ways to do this, but this one has worked for me since I started sewing. It rips seams quickly and it doesn't damage the fabric.

1. First, rip the double stitches at the beginning of the seam as shown in the picture.

2. When you're done with double stitches, gently pull the fabric pieces apart. As you pull, threads of the seam will show.

3. Rip the threads that are visible. Pull apart and rip ahead. Continue until you get to the other end of the seam (double stitches) and repeat the first step. Remove pieces of the thread.

You can also rip the seam using the first step only. Just unpick every third or fourth stitch on one side of the seam. When you do that, pull the thread on the other side of the seam and brush aside remaining pieces of thread.

Another way of using seam ripper is cutting holes for buttonholes. Seam ripper has to be sharp if you want to make this one happen.

1. Make a machine buttonhole. Push the sharp point of the seam ripper in the beginning of the buttonhole and push it out in the middle of the buttonhole. Be careful that you don't rip any stitches of the buttonhole. Push the seam ripper ahead to cut the fabric and make half of the hole.

2. Do the same on the other end of the buttonhole. Snip off little pieces of fabric threads and you'll have a beautiful buttonhole. Amazing, right?

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  1. Čist sem ponosna nase, da sem ga uporabljala še pred tvojim postom. :D Vsaj nekaj, kar sem naštudirala brez tvoje pomoči.

    In seveda čestitke ob obletnicah. Obletnicah vseh vrst. ;)

    Btw je to Bubble Bath na nohtih? :)

  2. @Krvava Meri Hvala! :) Ja, moj najljubši. ;)