Thursday, 21 July 2011

Leather+lace belt

I needed a belt for my Blueberry jacket, but not one of those that I have would look good with it. By chance I had some scraps of leather at home, so I came up with this:

Enjoy making your own!


1. Cut leather strip and lace 3 cm longer than your waist measurement if you'll wear the belt over dress or cardigan. If you'll wear it over jacket, cut them 5 cm longer than your waist. Topstitch close to one edge first, and then, topstitch together with lace close to the other edge. Don't forget to backstitch!

2. Cut the ends roundly.

3. Set in snap buttons with a hammer. I'll wear my belt with dresses, cardigans and jacket, so I cut it 5 cm longer than my waist, and rather set in another snap button on one end of the belt (2 cm apart from the first one) to make it adjustable.

4. Make a pearly cluster.

5. String leaves on the nylon string of the pearly cluster. The right side of the leaves looks toward the cluster.

6. Mark the middle of the belt and pull each of the nylon strings through one's own hole (those are left from topstitching) with help of the needle.

7. Tie a knot.

8. Pull the string through lace as shown. Repeat with the other string.

9. Burn the string so it forms a ball very close to the lace. Repeat with the other string.

10. Arrange leaves as desired. Mix two-part epoxy adhesive with a wooden stick and apply to the back side of the leaves. Press onto the belt and wait for the glue to dry.

11. Wear it!


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  2. I love this belt! I haven't made anything in awhile, but this is where I'll start again! Thank you.

  3. This is beautiful -- love its simplicity.

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