Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ring pincushion

I used to have only one pincushion and it was kind of annoying, because I had left it on the floor, under some fabric scraps, on the other side of the table, ... , while I was already by the sewing machine, in need of my pincushion. It was never there, when I needed it. Actually, what I really needed, was a finger pin cushion. I wanted one for a pretty long time, but I didn't like those that you make out of the bottle cap. So, I made my own variation, which I really like. I made a tutorial just for you!

You need:
  • fabric scraps
  • thread + needle
  • toy filling
  • ring with a plate
  • contact rubber adhesive

1. Cut a circle with 3.5 cm radius. Sew a running stitch with a double thread 1 cm away from the edge. The thread ends should come out on the right side of the fabric.

2. Pull the threads and put some filling into the middle of the wrong side of the fabric circle.

3. Tie the threads together as shown.

4. Pull the threads a little bit more.

5. Push the seam allowances inside the sack and tighten the threads.

6. Stuff the ball with more filling. Help yourself with one end of the seam ripper. The ball should not be too soft.

7. Tighten the threads and tie a knot.

8. Thread the needle with both thread ends and push the needle into the ball, where the knot is.

9. Pull the needle out on the other side of the ball and cut the thread.

10. Glue the ring plate and the plain side of the ball with contact rubber adhesive. Wait for 7-10 minutes, then push the two parts together and wait to dry.

 11. Done!


  1. I saw this on Burdastyle and came to visit your blog. This is so cute and thanks for the tutorial, I am going to try to make one too.

  2. Typo on address
    This iPad is soo touch senstitive

  3. It is so lovely and useful. Thanks for shareing.

  4. Love this idea! And the fabric you used is beautiful!

  5. Saw your post on crochetie's site; this is a great idea and would make a wonderful gift for my sewist friends! Thanks so much for posting this tutorial =D

  6. Very cute! (Love the tute.) I made myself one with wool via needle felting.

  7. So cute! I wonder why the glued down side isn't the knot side. Is there a reason?
    Saw this on Diary of a Crafty Chica!

  8. @Just Me - Again.: Love your "mushroom" ring!
    @Michelle: I just like it more that way. :)

  9. So useful and cute too...who could ask for more! Thanks Laura...

  10. This is the cutest and most clever thing I have seen in a long time! I'm going to make myself one! Thank you!

  11. Where do you get the ring with the flat plate?

  12. I bought them in a local shop. You can get them here.

  13. I found this a while back and just made one today. Being short the ring piece and contact adhesive, I sewed a piece of elastic to the bottom. I think I like yours better though! :)

  14. Ever hear of ??
    I stumbled across them recently and this project would be a big hit there!! Then everyone that makes one can publish a picture and we can all share our versions of your very cool idea.

    (If you sign up, add me! ArtbyBelle)

  15. Such a cool idea!!! I will be making one of these as soon as I can get a ring plate.

  16. I found your great idea off a google search. I'm so excited to make some ring pincushions. Maybe make some for christmas presents. Thanks for the tutorial.

  17. I love this pincushion - I made it and use it every time I sew. I've featured it on my blog and in many of my video tutorials...

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. inspiring work...we are hosting a swap project of pin cushion n this give me some ideas...

  19. I used to keep my needles in a container, and found that they prick me when I wanted to take just one out. Decided to google for pin cushion tutorials and found yours! :) made it in a jiffy. Thanks for sharing! :) it's very useful when I sew.. it's just that I somehow feel giddy when I poke a needle into it, 'cause it feels like I'm poking my finger but I'm not. Haha!

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