Thursday, 6 January 2011

And the winner is ...

First, I want to thank you all who participated. It was really nice to read about how other people spend their time on Christmas evening. It looks like most of us enjoy our time with our families and/or closest friends. That is actually my favourite part of holidays; being with the ones you love.

Back to the giveaway winnner ...

The sweetest pair of handmade earrings goes to someone, who chose pair A,

and that is ...

Congratulations, nette! Please, send me your address to laura.bolcina(at)


  1. Oh Laura! I woke up today and somehow I did not feel very well, but now that I see that I won your giveaway, that really made my day and I can smile again! :) Thank you so much! I am sending you my email adress, soon! Can't wait to get them and surely going to feature them on my blog!
    Thank you and keep up your wonderful work!

    P.S.: Thank you also for your comment on my closet. I love that light, too. It does not show well on the photo, but it has white and pink lights looking like a cherryblossom branch. I definitely think, that one can DIY, but mine was simply bought at 'Habitat'. :)

  2. The earrings are already on their way to you. Please, let me know, when they come. :)

    P.S.: Your branch light is soo lovely, I am sure I will try to make one by myself. :)