Friday, 24 June 2011

My first sewing machine

Recently my parents were tidying up the attic and found this:

My first sewing machine. Mum used to sew for me and my dolls, and of course - I wanted to sew, too. :) And since mum's sewing machine wasn't appropriate for a little girl, I got a sewing machine for kids, probably for my birthday. Unfortunately, neither mum nor dad remember how old I was then. Although I do remember the machine, I don't remember sewing anything special. I guess I was just playing and stitching scraps of fabric. :)

It's a chain stitch sewing machine and it works on batteries. Except that it doesn't work. The looping hook doesn't catch a thread from the needle and therefore no loop is created. It looks like the needle thread turns so that the hook can't grab it. Any idea how to fix this? Does anyone own something similar?


  1. I had one sort of like this in the late 70s too, but it just infuriated me because it didn't work as well as "mom's machine". LOL!

  2. Hi, such an adorable machine :) It could be that the needle is broken or slightly bent? Replacing it might help..?

  3. Thanks. :) Nope, it's new.. :/ I just found out that if I sew over several layers of fabric, it sews and misses a stitch only now and then. Unfortunately not when sewing two layers. The thread somehow "turns around" like avoiding to the hook. :) Thank you anyway. :)

  4. Jaz sem mojega ponovno odkrila prejšnji teden! :) Je skoraj enak kot tvoj, samo v rdečkastih odtenkih (in brez metuljčka).

    Tudi moj ne dela :( Ne znam ga popravit.