Thursday, 3 November 2011


I'm finally getting better! As you know I had one of my wisdom teeth (three more to go) surgically removed last Monday. After that Mr. Dry Socket paid a visit and decided to interrupt the process of healing of my tooth extraction site. Painkillers helped a lot but made me drowsy as well. I spent most of the previous week in bed, watching TV. Except on Tuesday, 25. October, when I went to the Florence + the Machine gig.

Well, a virtual gig. :) I bought myself a ticket for my birthday. The concert was streamed live from Hackney Empire, London. Streaming was HD quality, the picture only froze a couple of times and the sound was amazing. The band launched their new album Ceremonials which was released on 31. October. It's a bit different than the first album, Lungs. It's definitely darker. I knew all of the songs before the gig (the album leaked) and my favourites are All this and heaven too, Shake it out, Never let me go, No light, no light, Only if for a night, and What the water gave me. As a matter of fact, the whole album is exceptional. This was the second time I saw Florence singing live and it was an overall wonderful experience. 

Besides her singing I also loved Florence's silk peach dress (I always love her dresses). I did a little research and it's a part of Temperley London's SS 2012 collection. Actually, it's shorts and a jacket. Florence completed them with a lace top and I think it suits her much more than it suits the model below.

Temperley London SS 2012

Did anyone of you go to the gig or watch the live stream as well? Do you like Florence's style?


  1. I love Florence soooo much, I actually won a signed copy of the new album (duluxe copy) on Saturday, I was so excited! I'd love to see them live, maybe one day. Love Temperley too

  2. I also saw Florence live, in Arizona though. What she wore was beautiful. I'm sure you'll love. Here are a few pictures a local magazine took in Phx, Az.