Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sewing notions: snips

Here's another indispensable tool for seamstresses: the snips. I keep them in my sewing machine's accessory tray so they are always at hand. You might be wondering how to hold these. Put the middle finder through the loop, the index finger underneath the snips and the thumb on top, squeeze and snip! Although, if you have smaller hands, you'll probably feel more comfortable with the ring finger in the loop.

They are perfect for snipping threads off the garment right after stitching each seam. It's much easier and quicker than using regular scissors. I also use them to make notches on fabric.

There are many variations of snips: chrome-plated, snips covered in plastic and snips without the loop. Again, I recommend buying quality snips, they will cut better and last longer. Mine are more than 20 years old and still snip like a charm.


  1. Jaz imam neke plastične, ki so bile zelo poceni, ampak funkcionirajo super. Ampak (!) ne izgledajo tako kul kot tvoje. :)

  2. Laura,

    Great Blog. Tons of useful info! I'm thinking about making one of your knitting needle bags/holders over the holidays.....wish me luck!

    Andrea B